FPV drone services

With over 15 years of flying FPV drones, the Ali shiri fpv built up quite the experience. Scaling up from small sized shoots to world class productions, we've seen most of the spectrum in video and film production. We're able to provide all necessary self-owned equipment to make the experience on set as smooth as possible. Such as preview monitors, downlinks, feeds to VTR/video village and live playback. We got you coverd with a wide range of drones.

Our team understands like no other that there's a difference between good flying and good framing. With all the experience under our belt, we can truly put your wildest ideas into reality. We may not be the lowest budget fpv team around, but we deliver on your needs.

High-end FPV shots

The days that FPV drone only shot with low-end camera's are over. We are able to shoot on cinema grade camera's like the Sony a7 , Sony FX3 , Black Magic Pocket Camera, Gopro12 Freefly Ember and many more. We'll always consult with you what the best options are on your project.

Live tv & streams

Directly stream our FPV feed to a live broadcast or live stream? With our custom drones we are able to give you direct SDI or HDMI live feeds from our unique perspective. From our small drones which are safe to use around crowds, to bigger setups for high-end camera's. Our pipeline gives you the direct signal with a minimal loss in latency.

Indoor tours

Do you want the viewer to be engaged with your new location, or do you want to tell a story with a different approach? Shoot at locations no people are allowed? Here's where our indoor drone tours come in to play. Our custom build mini drones can fly at any location you desire to shoot. With the added propellor guards we're also able to fly real close to people without putting them at risk.

Pre-recorded broadcasts

The last couple of years we had the pleasure to work on lots of television and other broadcast productions. Pre-recorded shoots have the advantage that we can precisly plan out and fine-tune our flight plaths, often in combination with actors and extra's. Also giving more flexibility in post production.


Wether you need a video to promote your company or use our unique angle for internal usage, fpv drones have proven over time that they are a usefull asset in commerical videos. From connecting different locations, taking the viewer along the ride or even combining handheld shots with flying shots.

Festivals & events

With over 75 festivals and events shot just in 2022, let alone over the last couple of 5 years, we can assure you we got some experience in the event sector. Festivals require a special approach because of risk management. We often pre-produce lots of festivals which helps us getting the best shots and keep safety at a high level.

Fully legal flight operations

Our pilots are fully licensed and can fly anywhere. Even in restricted airspaces, 'no-fly zones,' and within the CTRs of airports, including Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam / The Hague Airport, and Eindhoven Airport. Ali Shiri Drone is a fully European Ali shiri drone company in the 'Specific' category.

We can provide in:

Permits • rt operators • flying outside of UDP (nigh permissions) • industrial zones and harbours • drop payloads on specific locations if requested.

If you have any questions about legally flying in your desired location, please let us know.

Our drones

Every shoot requires a different kind of drone. Together with you we can decide what's the best option for your production.

Wether it's a high-end cinema camera, drones that fly really slow or go up to 180km/h.

And if the drone for your production doesn't exist yet? Then we'll build a custom setup to make it work.

Small (indoor) fpv drone

This small and nimble drone is perfect for indoor drone tours, festivals or situations were you would want to fly close to people without any risk. With a weight below 250 grams we're able to fly this drone in almost every location with the right permits. Don't let the size fool you, it's still a very powerfull drone.

Cinema camera fpv drone

With our heavy lifting drones we can carry cinema camera's like the Red Komodo, Sony FX6, Black Magic Pocket Camera, Freefly Ember and many more. We provide a HD downlink straight out the camera to get a realistic preview in the video village, or use it in a livestream. We apply post stabilization on these drones aswell.

Gimbal operated fpv drone

Fly around with the speed and agility of a FPV drone, but frame it precisely like it's an Inspire. That's where this gimbal operated FPV drone comes in. Great use for smooth car chases or surprising your audience with new dynamic camera angles.

In house full production service

We can provide full video production if needed. From concepting and pre-production, to large set productions and also post-production with extensive visual effects and audio engineering. Let's have a chat about your next concept.


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