Meet the Alishiri Team

With our team of eight full team dedicated employees we make sure we take every drone shoot to the next level.

Producing high-end fpv drone videos for all of our clients; from smaller productions, live events, festivals to television and even cinema movies.


Pilot & founder

Nothing is impossible with this guy, always looking to push the limits of a production and not afraid to try new techniques to stand out from the crowd. This pilot is the best FPV drone shot of the stadium and many other things that were once thought impossible to shoot.

Instagram: @Alishirifpv



🚀 Visionary leader with a passion for innovation! Ms. Afshar, the mastermind behind our success, fearlessly overcomes challenges and turns dreams into reality. With a keen eye for detail and a strategic mindset, she steers our ship to new heights. Ms. Afshar is not just a leader, but a pioneer who sets new standards and encourages the team to push beyond the limits. She is a leader who seeks to embody excellence and change, Ms. Afshar is a guiding force who leads the team well.



🎥It brings miracles and the deepest emotions in every frame! Video editing artist Sam immortalizes videos with creative power like you've never seen before. From the tiniest details to the grand effects, he uses his technical and artistic achievements to breathe life into amazing stories. A video editor with deep vision and creative flair, Sam is always ready to turn stories into exceptional and captivating masterpieces. slowly Gradual



Shadi was a girl who loved color and cinema. Since she was a child, she became interested in color correction by watching various movies and decided to become a professional colorist in the future. She worked hard and was able to get into an art university and study color correction. Shadi impressed her professors and classmates with his talent and creativity and participated in various student projects. Using the knowledge and experience she had gained, she adjusted the colors according to the feeling and concept of the film and left a deep impression on the viewers. shadi followed her dream and enjoyed her work. she wanted to bring colors to life and make life more beautiful with colors. Happiness gives life to colors



Amir was a boy whose love for photography was in his blood. Since he was a child, he used his father's camera to take pictures of everything he saw and was looking for the hidden beauties of the world. By practicing and reading different books, he improved his photography skills and decided to become a professional photographer in the future. With his talent and feeling, he creates photos that remember moments and tell stories with his eyes. Amir followed his dream and enjoyed his work. He wanted to change the world with his photos. **Amir the photographer who shook the world with his photos**

Fulls service video productions

Besides our full time employees we have gathered a reliable network of freelancers around us. From pilots, directors, producers, production assistants, editors, visual effects artists, sound engineers and rt operators. You name it and we have someone we can link to a project. Please let us know your specific needs and we'll make it work.


This whole crazy ride started in 2014 when we fell in love with FPV drone racing. The sport is all about skills, reflexes and precision, piloting high-performance drones through complex 3D race courses.

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